We pride ourselves on working with the highest level of integrity to make quality connections between professionals and companies. Project management outsourcing (external project management) is a new and unique service, within which an external specialized company implements the activities related to managing the customer’s projects. Project management outsourcing makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of the organization’s project activities by means of the competencies, experience, and professionalism accumulated by the contractor company.

  • IT projects
  • Customer Services
  • Engineering
  • eCommerce
  • Business Development
  • Telecommunication

Project and program management currently becomes one of the key tools for accomplishing operating and strategic objectives in most of the companies not only abroad but in Russia as well. However, project implementation using the company’s own resources does not always lead to the results planned by the leadership team. Major reasons underlying possible failures include a sharp increase in the number of projects and the lack of in-house specialists who can manage projects really well.

Due to these reasons, many companies, which experience an active growth and development of project activities, find the solution actively used in world practice, namely to outsource project management to a third-party company, which is independent from the contractor engaged for the project and represents the customer’s interests specializing in professional project management